Dinner consisted of real German bratwurst and pork (although mine was a little underdone) barbecued on an outdoor grill. There was also "salad," which was a mixture of every vegetable known to man with the exception of lettuce. For drinks they offered the same red fruit juice served in every summer camp in the U.S.

I saw more of the catcoon. According to his badge his name is Kchierath. His real name is Gregor; I can not remember his last name, and could not pronounce it anyway because it has one of those German curly-B's in it. I am really getting to like this costume. His talent is awe-inspiring. He saw me looking at him and slunk closer, sniffing at me curiously. When I reached out to pet his head (I could not help myself -- he seems so lifelike) he shied away and tucked his ears back. For a moment he looked uncertain, and then he sniffed my hand and started to rub his head against my fingers. I laughed, and he said, "Mrrrow, mrrrow?" How cute! The costume fits him perfectly, too. It must have cost a fortune to build it. I tried to look through the black lenses in his eyes but I could not see anything at all. How he can see out through them is a mystery. How I wish that I had brought my camera!

It seems that I am going to have a private room. My roommate has canceled. Sad for him, perhaps, but now I do not have to worry about snoring, either mine or anyone else's.

I did my first sketch today for a Frenchman. He paid me 20 Euros for a drawing of his leopard character hunting in a savannah setting. It was fun.

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Der Kostümträger, Story © 2004 Samuel C. Conway, Illustrations © 2004 Gideon, The character of Kchierath, the catcoon, is ©2001 G. Haßler