Der Kostümträger

Story © 2004 Samuel C. Conway
Illustrations © 2004 Gideon
The character of Kchierath, the catcoon, is ©2001 G. Haßler

26 August, 12:15
Düsseldorf, Germany

I am now on the train, on my way to my very first European Anthropomorphics convention. It is, in fact, my first time overseas. I can hardly believe the age of the things here in Germany. It is such an old country, with old ways and old buildings. Today I found myself next to a church that was built more than a thousand years ago. The countryside is beautiful as well, nothing at all like the U.S. They do not bulldoze things that are more than a century old around here.

Customs was not at all as difficult as I imagined. In fact, it was almost laughable. The entire conversation went like this:


I handed it over.

He handed it back. "Welcome to Germany."

I wonder if anyone will want to buy my artwork. I have done well enough at other conventions, a bit better on the auctions online. Many of the winning bids there have come from Europe. With luck, I will make enough to cover the cost of my convention registration.

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Der Kostümträger, Story © 2004 Samuel C. Conway, Illustrations © 2004 Gideon, The character of Kchierath, the catcoon, is ©2001 G. Haßler